Gameplayarts is dedicated to the advancement of game-based arts and culture.

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Gameplayarts is an organization committed to advancing the practice of game-based arts in culture.

Founded in 2010, we seek to drive the intersection of design, culture, and impact through cross-disciplinary collaboration to show the world why play matters. We want to break down the barriers that have traditionally segregated play and games from other creative disciplines and foster a diverse community of creators with ambassadorial relationships to the world around us.


  • We support the advancement of gaming as a medium.
  • We seek creators with the creative flexibility to be able to adapt.
  • We believe that the future is a diverse one with people from all walks of life, not just those who are enamored with games.
  • We believe in consistency to go the distance. We see interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation as keys to unlocking new possibilities.
  • We believe that simple solutions to problems are often the best.


All Killscreen courses are guided by a set of external advisors. Thank you to Dhruv Jani and others.