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Why did you change your name?

Suppose you're a long-time fan/reader/admirer of Killscreen. In that case, you've watched a transition over the last few years from editorial property to educational provider to curator and exhibitor.

The transition has been as intentional as time, space, and resources have allowed (I've got a two-year-old now!), but the mission has stayed the same. To show the world why games matter.

I've always loved the name Killscreen. However, the name can be *challenging* if you're trying to transition into an arts organization.

Why did you change e-commerce platforms?

We reached the limit of what we could do with WooCommerce and felt Shopify was a better experience overall. Wordpress is great for editorial, but for selling things, Shopify has been easier to do without needing a developer.

What's going to happen to Killscreen?

You can still visit for editorial, interviews, and features. All classes and workshop-related content, however, redirects to Gameplayarts.

Where are my purchases?

Access to classes and workshops has moved to Gameplayarts. You can login.

I've already signed up for a future workshop. Will anything change? 

After you purchased the class or workshop, you should have received a link to register on Zoom. 

Who can I contact if I have issues? -- or click the "Chat" button on the bottom right.