Gameplayarts is dedicated to the advancement of game-based arts and culture.

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Our Approach

Here's how we think about our programming.

The gap between the creative practice of games and other creative fields has historically been huge.

Gameplayarts cultivates a new generation of multidisciplinary creators who explore games and game thinking in an art and design context.

We have three keys to our approach:


Gameplayarts drives to highlight interconnections between game-making as an artistic practice and other creative disciplines. We see interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation is critical to unlocking new possibilities.


We believe that the future is a diverse one with people from all walks of life, not just those who are enamored with games. We believe in diversity at a global scale that is in conversation with the varied and heterogeneous community that is Los Angeles.


Gameplayarts focuses on supporting creative potential. We seek creators with the creative flexibility to be able to adapt and ones who are looking to grow their careers as artists. We are particularly interested in “firsts” and serving as a stepping stone, not a destination.