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Making game design accessible and engaging for all creatives (w/ Eric Zimmerman)

Eric Zimmerman is a visionary game designer, educator, and theorist known for his innovative approach to game design and its applications beyond the gaming industry. With over 30 years of experience, Eric has made significant contributions to the field, including co-authoring the seminal book "Rules of Play" and his recent work "The Rules We Break."

In this episode, Eric shares his unique journey from visual arts to game design and how he bridges the gap between game theory and practice. He explores the fundamental concepts of game design - rules, systems, and interaction - and their relevance to various creative fields. Eric's approach demystifies the game design process, making it accessible to gaming enthusiasts and those who may be skeptical about games.

From rapid prototyping to iterative design, Eric offers valuable insights into the creative process that can benefit professionals across different disciplines. He discusses how game design thinking can enhance problem-solving skills and foster innovation in unexpected ways. Eric's passion for teaching and sharing knowledge shines through as he explains his methods for engaging students and professionals alike in the art and science of game design.

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