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When AI Meets Mythology: Pearlyn Lii's Unique Approach

Pearlyn Lii is a visionary artist known for her innovative projects, such as "Genetic Opera," which explores themes of lineage and the body, and "Infinite Mother." This captivating video game film navigates the intricate mother-daughter relationship across the layers of Chinese hell. Pearlyn seamlessly weaves ancient Chinese mythology, digital world-building, and AI-powered tools to create breathtaking experiences and push the boundaries of storytelling.

In this episode, Pearlyn shares her creative journey and how she harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance her artistry and streamline her workflow, particularly in the development of Infinite Mother. From conceptualizing to collaborating with her team, Pearlyn offers valuable insights into the future of AI-assisted creativity.

Like what you heard? Pearlyn taught a workshop on this very subject. Check it out here.

00:00 Introduction to AI in Creative Processes

00:39 Meet Pearlyn Li: Multidisciplinary Artist

01:44 Exploring 'Infinite Mother'

04:32 Integrating AI into Creative Workflows

06:22 World Building with AI

14:32 Pitching and Collaborating with AI

20:13 Balancing Creativity and Time with AI

25:19 Conclusion and Workshop Information

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